There is nothing better than a good Hockey Book. A new Canadian Classic to add to your collection. The story follows Billy 'The Bruiser' Fenton, a Hockey League enforcer for his hometown Windsor Punch. What will happen to the hero when the commissioner takes fighting out of the game? How will he adapt? 'The Last Hockey Fight' is a tale of hard work, determination and not just adapting to everything life may throw at you, but thriving. Enjoy the action and suspense while helping raise the next generation of hockey fans!

Illustrated by the amazingly talented SABA BUSHNAQ this tale takes place in a pleasant little town where there lives a normal family with a mom, a dad and two beautiful children. There is just one thing that makes this family different from most other families; they don't have a dog, a cat, or pets of any kind. Instead, they have a Coffee Monster! Follow Jenna and James as they try to deal with the Coffee Monster's antics and help him overcome a personal struggle. Through this simple, but comedic tale, learn about the value of telling the truth, taking care of oneself and each other, and how to work-through everyday issues. Most of all, you just might learn that there's a little 'Coffee Monster' in all of us..

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